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CRSF is a postgraduate conference designed to promote the research of speculative fictions including, but not limited to, science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Our aim is to showcase some of the latest developments in this dynamic and evolving field, by providing a platform for the presentation of current research by postgraduates. The conference will also encourage the discussion of this research and the construction of crucial networks with fellow researchers.

CRSF 2013, the third annual conference, was held at the University of Liverpool on June 17th. Read the conference report.

Watch this space for upcoming CRSF news.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Artist Wanted

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: We're looking for some art work to grace our 2015 call for papers. If you'd be interested in submitting something then drop us an email at
Our ideal piece would:
  • Look good in black and white
  • Contain the themes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror
  • There are no strict dimensions of size, however it must be able to fit onto the CfP and take up no more than 1/3 of the space on an A4 Piece of paper.
  • It does not need to include any text, nor the CRSF logo.

We have no prizes or royalties to offer, but the chosen piece will receive full credit on the CfP and on our blog, facebook etc... and we're happy to link to any other work they may want to promote. We'll also waive conference fees for the artist as a bonus. The fee waiver is transferable if the artist can't come but wants to pass the entry onto someone else.
Please share this with any artists, professional or otherwise, you feel might be interested.
We would need the finished piece of art by December 12th 2014.

Monday, 23 June 2014

CRSF 2014: Post-Conference Report

This year's conference was different in a lot of ways. Due to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to hold it off-campus at a private conference centre closer to the University of Liverpool (The Gateway Centre, they were brilliant), it was the first time we've invited two keynotes who are both from outside of the Liverpool area, we had a greater proportion of fantasy papers than previous years (something we've been pushing for to even up the balance in the science fiction/fantasy/horror triumvirate), and we went to a new restaurant for our post-conference meal.

The restaurant was still an Italian though, some things never change. Other things that didn't change: the quality and variety of the papers was once again very high. We heard brilliant papers on zombies, Portal, Stargate Universe, chaos theory and epic fantasy, Philip K. Dick, and Fernando Spiner. Plus so much more. As ever I must repeat my mantra that a conference is nothing without its delegates and our delegates are the friendliest, best natured, most passionate and interesting people you could hope to find. CRSF is consistently praised for its atmosphere and as organisers we try to set the tone but it means nothing without these wonderful people, some of whom travel great distances to be with us. Thank you one and all....

The 2014 Conference Photo. As ever, sadly, some people had to depart before the day ended but most who attended are here.

We had thirty-four papers presented in thirteen panels across four streams.1 Delegates once again represented institutions all over the UK, as well as Finland, Germany, Ireland, the USA, and Venezuela. Overall there were fifty-four attendees, a CRSF record.

Gratitude is never a strong enough word for what I feel towards our keynote speakers. Each year we've been blessed by wonderful speakers and Dr. Mark Bould and Prof. Roger Luckhurst were no exception. Mark opened the day with his keynote "It Ain't No Jive, Trying to Stay Alive: Insurgency and Epidermality in Blaxploitation Sf", a talk which showed us a brave new world of sf cinema and ensured that I was humming the soundtracks to Shaft and Superfly for the rest of the day. The conference resumed after lunch with Roger's talk entitled "Corridor Horror", it represented the very newest of Roger's research (which after all is the remit of Current Research in Speculative Fiction), and took us on a tour of corridors in speculative fiction from The Shining to Star Wars and beyond, considering their role as liminal spaces and provoking a very healthy Q+A session.

Thanks also go to the Gateway Centre's Building Manager, Nigel, for being amazingly accommodating, making sure everything went smoothly, and providing us with a comfortable and modern venue, tasty food, and even for taking our conference photo (see above). Once again, thanks to Andy Sawyer, academic librarian for the Science Fiction Foundation collection at the University of Liverpool's Sydney Jones Library (and keynote speaker at CRSF 2011), for once more arranging for all delegates to receive free copies of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction. And to Prof. David Seed for kindly donating a book for us to raffle off as a bonus for our delegates.

As ever we would appreciate feedback for CRSF 2014 and suggestions on how we could improve for the future (or just blanket praise, who doesn't like fan mail?), please leave comments on this post or send us an e-mail to We're also interested in any photos you may have taken of the conference or any of the affiliated social events, if you've got anything you'd be willing to share then please email it to us, or post it on our facebook page. I'm a big fan of having a twitter back-channel at conferences and so it was nice to see that CRSF 2014 was also our most tweeted conference. Not just from the conference official @CRSFteam account but also from our delegates. I've done my best to compile most of the tweets on this storify page so if you're not on twitter (or are worried you missed something) then take a look.

All that's left to say is that CRSF will return in 2015.

See you there!

- Glyn Morgan,

On behalf of fellow team members Molly Cobb, Leimar Garcia-Siino, Chris Pak, and Michelle Yost


1 One paper less than the record. Although it's probably worth noting that this year was the first time that, because of personal time constraints, none of the organisers contributed papers meaning that this year is actually the most papers by "regular attendees".

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

CRSF 2014: Conference Fee and How to Pay

The shop to pay your conference fee is now open:

This years conference fee is £35.00. This fee includes lunch and refreshments at the conference.

We welcome non-presenting delegates so please share this information with anyone and everyone who might be interested in what promises to be a fascinating day of papers.

Schedule and further information to follow.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Collected CfPs and Events

2014 looks to be a pretty amazing year for UK (and Ireland)-based conferences on speculative fiction. Of course CRSF is returning on June 20th, and London is hosting WorldCon, but there are also many other fascinating and exciting events taking part all over the country. Collected below are links to information regarding these events. If you'd like us to list your event here please let us know:

26th April: Stage the Future: The First International Conference on Science Fiction Theatre, University of Royal Holloway, London.

31st May and 1st June: The Science Fiction 'New Wave' at Fifty Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich. 

20th June: Current Research in Speculative Fiction (CRSF), Univeristy of Liverpool.

4th July: Visualising Fantastika: an Interdisciplinary Conference, Lancaster University.

9th and 10th August: Nine Worlds Geekfest at the Radisson Heathrow.

11-13th August: Science Fiction Foundation Masterclass with tutors Andy Duncan, Neil Easterbrook and K.V. Johansen, Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

14th-18th August: Worldcon in London.

20th August: Bujold Conference, Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge.

21st August: Irradiating the Object: M. John Harrison, Warwick University.

22nd-23rd August: SF/F Now, Warwick Univeristy.

22nd-24th August: Shamrokon (the Eurocon), Dublin.

5th-7th September: British Fantasy Con, York.

5th & 6th September: Diana Wynne Jones conference, Newcastle.

19th - 21st September: ‘A Fiend in the Furrows’: Perspectives on "Folk Horror" in Literature, Film and Music, Queens University, Belfast.

(Thanks to Edward James who listed most of these events on the Foundation facbook page)

We take no responsibility for content shown on external sites.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Call for Papers: CRSF 2014

The Call for Papers for Current Research in Speculative Fiction 2014 is now here!

The conference will be held on Friday 20th June at the University of Liverpool.

We are proud to be able to announce two brilliant keynote speakers with Dr. Mark Bould (University of the West of England) and Prof. Roger Luckhurst (Birkbeck University London), both will be giving lectures as part of the conference schedule.

Now in its fourth year, CRSF is a one day postgraduate conference designed to promote the research of speculative fictions, including SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY and HORROR; showcasing some of the latest developments in these dynamic and evolving fields. CRSF attracts an international selection of delegates and provides a platform for postgraduate students to present their current research, encourages discussion with scholars in related subjects and the construction of crucial networks with fellow researchers. The University of Liverpool, a leading centre for the study of speculative fiction and home to the Science Fiction Foundation Collection, will host the conference.

We are seeking abstracts relating to speculative fiction, including, but not limited to, papers on the following topics:

•Alternate History •Alternative Culture •Anime •Apocalypse •Body Horror •Consciousness •Cyber Culture •Drama •Eco-criticism •Fan Culture •Gaming •(Geo)Politics •Genre •Gender •Graphic Novels •The Grotesque •The Heroic Tradition •Liminal Fantasy •Magic •Meta-Franchises •Morality •Monstrosity •Music •Non-Anglo-American SF •Otherness •Pastoral •Poetry •Politics •Post-Colonialism and Empire •Proto-SF •Psychology •Quests •Realism •Sexuality •Slipstream •Spiritualism •Steampunk •Supernatural •Technology •Time •TV and Film •Urban Fantasy •Utopia/Dystopia •(Virtual) Spaces and Environments •Weird Fiction •World Building •Young Adult Fiction.

Please submit an abstract of 300 words for a 20 minute English language paper and a 100 word biography to Monday 10th March 2014.

For further information email the conference team at or visit our FAQ

Sunday, 23 June 2013

In Praise of CRSF 2013

One of our keynote speakers for CRSF 2013, Pat Cadigan, took to our facebook page to express her opinions on the conference and because they delighted us so much (and because due to some quirk of facebook, it's actually quite hard to find the comment unless you're a page administrator), I decided to post it up here:

Hi, everybody–

Well, I am officially spoiled rotten. I'm sure this is great news for our friends who have been waiting for us to come home, as I am already insufferable anyway.

Chris and I have had a wonderful couple of days here in Liverpool. We loved listening to the speakers, talking with the attendees, and hanging around listening to new ideas, new perspectives, and every other kind of new and different. What a wonderful collection of lively, varied ideas.

Perhaps it's a measure of just how restricted our movements became while we were caring for my elderly parent that we spent Sunday and Monday jumping up and down (sometimes not just metaphorically) about the papers presented on comics, zombies, disasters, inner space, outer space, and Umwelt(en) (to name only a few). We are going home to London today tired, happy, and encouraged.

We really hope that we can come back again next year just to hang around and enjoy the company of so many highly intelligent, stimulating people. Props to Glyn, Chris, Michelle, Leimar, everyone who gave papers, listened to papers. Respect also to Waterstone's at Liverpool1–anyone who hasn't been to this bookshop should hustle their bad selves over there right now and see what a bookshop is supposed to look like/be like–and to the extraordinary staff at the Hope Street Hotel, who not only go out of their way to be helpful but also know when you need help even if you don't know it yourself.

I have been to bigger conferences that lasted longer in fancier places with budgets equal to the GNP of a medium-sized country. I'm not trying to take anything away from any other conference that has graciously hosted me but CRSF is an example of how to take something from a basic level and turn it into Disneyland-for-your-brain.

The secret is, everyone who works on it slaves like mad, never gets to rest, seldom gets an uninterrupted meal (if they get a meal at all), and they treat all the guests' partners/plus-ones with the same respect and consideration as the guests themselves. (Syntax much? Huh? I'm tired. But happy. I think I mentioned that.)

I'm exhausted, so happy you invited me. Thank you all again.
She continued in a comment:

Also, I would just like you to know that CRSF tired me out so much, I wrote a 4000-word short story yesterday. (For reference: 4000 words is twice as much as I usually squeeze out on my best days, and four times my average.) You guys did me a lot of good.