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First held in 2011, CRSF is an annual postgraduate conference designed to promote the research of speculative fictions including, but not limited to, science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Our aim is to showcase some of the latest developments in this dynamic and evolving field, by providing a platform for the presentation of current research by postgraduates. The conference will also encourage the discussion of this research and the construction of crucial networks with fellow researchers.

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Thursday 20 June 2013

CRSF 2013: Post-Conference Report

Another year, another successful Current Research in Speculative Fiction.

The standard of papers at this year's conference was once again superb, as was the diversity of both speakers and topics. We heard everything from zombies to umwelts, Doctor Who to the Holocaust, Final Fantasy to the Mars Trilogy, William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, and so much more besides. The first of several rounds of thanks has to go to the delegates who once again delighted us and took the ethos of CRSF to heart with their friendly, inclusive and open-minded discussions and debates...

Our 2013 Conference Photo. As with past years, a handful of people had to rush off early and so, sadly, couldn't be included here.

A conference is, after all nothing without its delegates!

This year we maintained last year's thirty-five papers, by delegates representing institutions all over the UK, as well as Brazil, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Poland. Counting non-presenting delegates, attendance was further boosted to a respectable forty-nine attendees.

Huge thanks must also go to our keynote speakers Dr. Peter Wright (Edge Hill University) and Pat Cadigan (Queen of Cyberpunk), and their respective partners - who also attended the entire day - Jennifer Woodward and Chris Fowler, for maintaining the high standards of our previous keynote speakers and for being brilliantly encouraging, kind, and inquisitive about every paper they sat in on, as well as for their remarkable (and remarkably different, but both brilliant) keynote speeches. Peter's talk "Science Fiction from Text to Screen: Towards a Taxonomy of Cinematic Estrangement" was a thought provoking and entertaining way to start our day, whilst Pat's examination of, and commentary on, some science fictions staples was frequently stimulating, as well as emotionally challenging, brave, and often funny.

We also have to thank the University of Liverpool's staff who provided support both on the day and in the build up to the conference: the AV technician, the porter of the Mathematical Science Building, and Filomena Saltao who was our liaison point for everything from catering to stationary. Thanks also to Andy Sawyer, academic librarian for the Science Fiction Foundation collection at the University of Liverpool's Sydney Jones Library (and keynote speaker at CRSF 2011), for once again arranging for all delegates to receive free copies of Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction. And to Prof. David Seed for kindly donating a recent Liverpool University Press edition for us to raffle off as a bonus for our delegates.

We should also thank Waterstones Liverpool One and the Il Forno restaurant for so ably accommodating our social events and for making so much effort to help us keep things going smoothly.

As ever we would appreciate feedback for CRSF 2013 and suggestions on how we could improve for the future, please leave comments on this post or send us an e-mail to We're also interested in any photos you may have taken of the conference or any of the affiliated social events, if you've got anything you'd be willing to share then please email it to us, or post it on our facebook page.
CRSF will return in 2014. Watch this space.

- Glyn Morgan, Chris Pak, Michelle Yost and Leimar Garcia-Siino

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  1. It was a wonderful conference, with a lot of very stimulating ideas and excellent papers. Everyone was immensely friendly. I had a lovely couple of days, with the Waterstones event (where everyone was also kind, asked intelligent and perceptive questions, and were all obviously well-read) and the Conference. Hope that all of the organisers have had a chance for a brief rest. It was lovely to meet all of you. Pat and I would love to see you - and lots of new people - next year.